AlwaysPlay is about leaving behind limiting beliefs and stepping into an abundant, thriving, playful light. We’re about taking those big chances, having mega confidence, and living a life that we CHOOSE to subscribe to. We’re about total mind, body, and soul transformation using the amazing power of MINDSET, BREATH, and SOUND for extreme manifestation. We’re modern alchemists using ancient magic. Are you ready? Let’s play!

AlwaysPlay Breathwork
Always Play Soundbaths Los Angeles

what is breathwork?

Well. Hard to explain. I’ll tell you, there’s breathing involved…

You may have heard of breathwork under many names, but it’s essentially a 3-part breath (80% of the breath into your belly, 20% into the chest, and out through the mouth) that gets a certain amount of oxygen to the body and brain to seriously release our subconscious crap. This deep conscious circular breathing recharges the chi energy within our bodies and transmutes that stagnant energy into something beyond words (You’ve seen Avatar Air Bender, right?).

It’s practiced by laying down on your back, while you’re guided with music to unsubscribe from what’s holding you back. Not only that, the parasympathetic nervous system gets activated and regulates the body to its natural balance.

who should do breathwork?

You. Each time is like leveling up and each time it’s different. The journey is not about “solving an issue”; it’s about allowing space for your subconscious to heal. If you’ve ever experienced any blockages in your life, limiting beliefs from that little voice in your head that tells you garbage stories on repeat, or even have any addiction to an emotion, breathwork is your jam.

work with me

I specialize in breathwork that RELEASES LIMITING BELIEFS. When we’re consumed by low self worth, anxiety, and limiting mindsets, our physical, emotional, and mental bodies emit vibrations that aren’t useful to us. If you’re feeling stuck in anyway, this is a magical way to rework your beliefs. You’ll be gently guided on a journey to acknowledge, feel, and shift. We have to feel it to heal it, and when we heal it, we don’t carry it around with us anymore. My mindset experience is from nearly a decade of work in combination with the National Science Foundation, National Institute of Health, and working with implicit bias in young women on a national level. Let’s take the journey.

Los Angeles Sound Bath SoundBath Los Angeles
Los Angeles Soundbath sound bath

noun: a magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.

Sound Alchemy

A sound bath is a transformational sound immersion experience to truly set your highest intentions and manifest everything you want with absolute vibrant clarity. Through setting intentions, we allow our highest selves to come through, to heal ourselves from within, and become receivers to our deepest truths. 

Sound baths are meant to help shift your brainwave state, to get out of those same patterns and habits to be more relaxed and meditate (alpha and theta states). The deeper we experience the vibrations from the crystal quartz singing bowls, gongs, and other healing instruments, the greater the ability of healing the parts of us that are out of sync. Sound vibrations and frequencies also activate our meridians/nervous systems/chakras, that kick into gear our natural healing system, specially 432 hz frequencies, also known as the miracle tone.

By realigning these parts even just a little bit, we have the potential to remove side effects such as insomnia, stress, anxiety, depression, blocked emotions, and physical body ailments. 


Look on the event calendar for group sound baths in the Greater Los Angeles Area.
Prepare to get cozy! This is a high vibe laying down experience. 
Bring: a yoga mat, blanket, eye pillow, crystals, water, and anything for a comfy experience. 

Crystal Bowl Workshop Los Angeles

Crystal Bowl Workshops

Interested in learning to play the crystal bowls? This workshop is for those who are looking to level up their vibrational skills by learning the techniques of playing crystal signing bowls. The workshop is taught by the duo Shanila and Gina.


Tibetan Bowl Workshops

Calling all yoga teachers, massage therapists, reiki practitioners, and anyone looking to learn about the healing power of sound. Ready to integrate vibrational sound healing with Tibetan bowls to help heal others? No prior experience or instruments required.