Vibrational Sound Tuning

Use sound vibrations to feel better!

Sound Healing, Vibrational Sound Tuning, or Vibrational Sound Therapy (VST) is catered to the parts of your body that are not syncing up. Come get tuned-up when you're feeling unnecessary stress or busy thoughts. Sound and vibration can be used to re-tune us using Himalayan singing bowls and tuning forks that are placed carefully around your body.

The sound vibrations activate the mind and parasympathetic nervous system, including the nerves that surround it. These nerves become activated, release electromagnetic energy and work to heal the parts of the body that are hurting, reduce stress, anxiety, insomnia, and remove blockages in energy. This energy transference promotes deep healing of each of those areas while encouraging relaxation and meditation. This powerful activation allows us to heal from within and remove energy blockages.

VST helps to shift our brainwave state, from our normal consciousness (beta state) to relaxed and meditation (alpha and theta states). The deeper we experience the vibrations from the healing instruments, the more they heal the parts of us that are vibrating out of sync.


Healing through sound and vibration has been known to: 

reduce stress, 
reduce anxiety,
reduce fatigue,
improve sleep, 
improve concentration,
improve mood,
balance chakras with the energy field,
reduce blood pressure,
improve immunity,
heighten intuition and perception,
synchronize the brain hemispheres,
remove mental and emotional negativity,
and deepen spiritual connection.

I come out of it so relaxed and peaceful like all my worries are far away. Shanila takes a lot of care to listen to me and it’s been a blessing to have her introduce this to me.
— -samia
I’ve been feeling a lot better since doing the singing bowls. I think it’s amazing how much it’s helped. Thank u!
— marian
after a sound healing session, I feel that I am able to think clearer. I worry less about the hardships I’m going through at that time and I feel that I have gained the energy and confidence to take on those tasks
— o.j