sound healing

Update May 2019

Hey all, wanted to give you an update of some things going on in the background.

This past week, we’re grateful to have received two grants from the State of California to utilize sound meditation as a mental health tool in the upcoming weeks. There’s a bigger eye on how impacting this work can be outside of yoga studios. 

We’re also getting support from researchers who are looking at these tools as real and applicable mental wellbeing tools (yay!) and will be a driving force in creating that dialogue. Our work in the community women’s shelters, substance recovery groups, veteran legions, and high stress/anxiety groups is also powerful.

Sharing this at several health-tech minded conferences has informed how sound meditation is navigating within the mainstream wellness space to life altering tools. 

This type of work falls on a wide spectrum of the hyper-science and the hyper-woo, and we’re thrilled to be bridging that gap to make sound meditation as accessible as possible for mental, physical, and spiritual wellness. 

Catch you soon.