Sound Bath Meditation Wedding Los Angeles

Experience ultimate relaxation during your Event!

Long gone are the days of stressing during your events and instead, bring you and your crew to experience sound bath meditations during your planning process and events. It’s a joyous time, so release all the stress and connect back together as a group before the big celebration. Sound Bath Meditations can be experienced laying or in a seating position for 60 mins, where 432hz Crystal Quartz bowls play in perfect harmony to alleviate stress and worries, deepen spiritual connection, provide deep meditation, and reconnect loved ones. The sound frequencies and vibrations allow us to float away into a meditative state and realign us into a place of love. It’s a perfect add-on for your:

Engagement Party

Bachelorette Party

Bridal Luncheon

Bridal Shower

Couples Shower

Engagement Party

Rehearsal Dinner



Women’s Circles + Moon Circles



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