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Online Training for Sound Healing Techniques

Private and Group Training Available

This customized course is for those seeking to learn about wellness techniques using sound that are easy to implement in the workplace, classrooms, and group events. 

The course focuses on the science behind how and why sound healing works, how it brings together and unifies groups, intention setting for the practitioner, and setting up a fast and easy environment so that all participants can receive the benefits. This course is perfect for those who would like to dip their feet into introductory techniques of sound healing without fully jumping in as a sound healer. 


1 hr live online session
Course e-manual
Mentorship in selecting sound healing tools for your individual needs

Energy Exchange: $250

Who loves this workshop:

- Entrepreneurs who are dealing with a lot of stress and want simple ways to relax
- Teachers who want to bring mindfulness into their classrooms and use techniques to help focus students
- Group leaders who want to unify their group with grounding techniques
- Health and wellness practitioners who want to expand their therapeutic knowledge

There is no more availability through july 2019. Please contact for later dates.