Healing Sound Bath Meditation - Online


Healing Sound Bath Meditation - Online

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After a pre-consultation form, we'll do a private virtual sound bath from our computers.

You'll want to be somewhere quiet where you can lay down and relax without distractions for 60 minutes. Speakers are recommended but not required.

The session will include a specially curated entrainment for what we're working on for that day (sleep, relaxation, anxiety, etc.). You'll be guided by 432hz crystal quartz signing bowls, an ocean drum, chimes, and an assortment of healing instruments. Float away with the sounds and let it wash you away.

Benefits include:

activated nervous system for natural body processes

theta waves for increased meditation & healing

reduced stress

reduced fatigue

reduced anxiety

improved mood

improved sleep

assistance in new neural pathways

unblocked emotional passages

increased focus

increased concentration

increased motivation

increased energy

deep meditation

deepened spiritual connection